Wednesday, March 31

March Madness

I love it! Until my bracket bombs, then not so much.

But I'm losing track of time - things just happen so fast. For the new year, I made a resolution to plan something fun for our family to do each month. Well, we were in AZ for Christmas and so we counted that. I know, a cop out on the first month! Then, February I failed! But... I'm not giving up. I'm all about moving in the right direction. So this month, I think we've made up for my rough start in leaps and bounds.

We went to the San Jacinto monument and Battleship Texas, I did the Seabrook 1/2 Marathon and Julie came for a visit! OK well, I can't really take any credit for that. But it is not to be forgotten as part of our marvelous month of March. We've also been taking advantage of our spring weather and picnicing in the yard for lunch, going to playgroup, and going outside to the park.

We also had a visit from Flat Madilyn! Maddie, if you're reading this.... We'll send your friend Flat Madilyn back in a day or two. We took her out for a fun day. She was very well behaved during her visit, and she liked Texas a lot! :)
Playing on the computer during our lunch picnic. It's a popular item. Can I blame Trevor for being a little annoyed? He does this to me all the time. Plus, it's hard to explain to him that all these toys that were once HIS are now Spencer's too mostly.
Yes, I saw this coming as soon as he reached for the computer....
Lauren buried Trevor in stuffed animals!
Playing catch.
Before the computer scuffle...
Trevor likes to get in the pack - play in the morning whenever Spencer sleeps there. They do love each other!
Yes they do!
I can't keep a straight face when he does this. It only makes things worse!
Brandon's birthday - with auntie Julie!!

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