Sunday, May 3

crafty, crafty

A friend of mine had a baby shower on Saturday for her little girl coming next month and I made a few little goodies to give. I used a pattern I found online for the wipes/diaper envelope and made my own template from one of my favorite bibs that I used with Trevor. I thought it turned out really cute! I have some extra chenille and flannel and will be making a few more - I'm excited to make some for baby boy. The only problem with sewing is that I kind of take over the kitchen for a good 24 hours so no one gets fed and nothing else gets done while the sewing machine is out. But it's OK because when the sewing stuff is out, I can still be in a good mood even if the house is a disaster. :0)


George and Caralee said...

"SEW" cute Mellers! I love the bib with the cute stitching! Way to go babe!

Andrea Templeman said...

Very Cute!! I love the fabrics you picked out.

p.s. I didn't realize you were expecting! I guess I don't pay close enough attention. Congratulations!!

Tasha Coltrin said...

Way cute. I love them. Look at you miss crafty. I wish I was crafty like you. I hope you are feeling well. I sure do miss you. Love ya.