Monday, February 9

Fun in February

I'm beginning to appreciate the beauty of our warm climate here in Houston. The summer wasn't unbearable, but it was pretty hot and long and I started to wonder if I was crazy for moving here! But we have enjoyed a stretch of beautiful weather to kick off February, which in Utah, always seemed to be the LONGest month because the cold/snow just dragged on and on.

David and I were recalling that it was exactly one year ago (last Wed-Sat, I think) that he was in Houston interviewing for his job. He left something like a 4-day streak of snowfall in SLC and came here to temperate Houston, where Trevor was running around in a tshirt and diaper because we didn't pack him any shorts and he was too hot in his pants in FEBRUARY! He had learned to walk that winter, but had not had the chance to play and run outside yet because of the snow, so he had his first experience playing outside in Houston. That weekend really sold David! And it was 1 year ago that we accepted the offer and started packin' our bags.

And here we are now! We met the Straws at the park on Saturday and enjoyed a beautiful afternoon.


George and Caralee said...

OKAY- first of all, I am really grateful that you are happy and settled. But the bragging about the weather has got to STOP!!! It is freezing here today and I was in St. George over the weekend hoping for at least 50 degrees and it SNOWED. BUT...when you are freakin hot and stifled by the humidity, don't come whining...just come to VISIT!!! Love you and can't wait to visit in March, hopefully it will be PERFECT weather!

Uncle Pj said...

My back sure doesn't feel like it's been a year since you moved.