Wednesday, November 25

fun times

Sweetest face ever! Gnarly toes just like his daddy... :)

Trevor's face is dirty in pretty much every picture I have! Plus, he keeps licking his lips because it's so dry here so even if his face was clean, it would still look funny!

Some good snuggle time with Lee Lee
On Monday night Trevor played and played with Papa. They built a train, played with cars, read books and played a little catch. It was lots of fun!

Jack! He is soooooooo cute and I just love his little "Hi!"

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Chris and Sarah said...

You guys are having so much fun! We sure miss all of you and Spencer is just growing!!! See you soon :)

Laura Johnson said...

Cute pictures..I am going to have to steal some!

Leah W said...

hey melissa...I need your address!! Please email me at

Sarah said...

Melissa and Dave, it is so fun to see your family and catch every... I don't know few months. OK maybe a lot more than that. Still holds true that Melissa is one of my favorite people ever regardless! Congrats on Number 2 on the way!

Rebekah said...

Hey, I made my blog if you still want to view my blog than please email me your email address so that I can allow you access. Thanks:)
Love, Rebekah