Wednesday, October 15

Singing and such


I took this the other day to try and get Trevor to talk to his cute cousin Mia. :-) So hope she sees this... I was persistent but couldn't get him to sing the whole song. How about that face/eyebrows at the end? Too funny.


The Cutler Family said...

What a cutie!!! The girls have watched like a million times!!!!

Caralee and George said...

He has changed so much since I was there in late August. We are going to have such fun seeing all his new tricks and hearing his new words!
I know Mia and Maddie are getting really excited for their cousin to come and play!

Jeff and Laura said...

That is the cutest thing ever! I am so excited to see him:) I love his little (or should I say chubby) legs!

Ryan & Mary said...

That is one cute kid and those are some really cute legs! I can't believe how quickly they just talk and never stop.