Saturday, August 23

Congrats Little Bro

My brother Michael has received his mission call!

The Boise family gathered for Michael's big moment and put him on the phone so that David, Mom and Dad, and I could listen in. We were getting crystal clear reception out on the porch and listened as Mikey read the first line of the call... Then he gets to the part where he says " have been called to labor in... WAAAAAAHHHH!" Meanwhile Mom's yelling into the phone... "Michael! Michael! We couldn't hear you! We couldn't hear you!" And Michael's yelling into the phone, "What? What?" That seemed to last for like 5 minutes (though now watching the video, I see that it was only a few seconds....) until he says, "Oh! South Africa Johannesburg!" So there you have it!

The best part of this moment is the two little boys (as they will forever be known, even though they will never be little again!) sitting together on the couch and Mikey's smile, while Kevin is just so intense, dying to see where his big brother is going. Kevin looks like he's going to burst a blood vessel! Look at those faces, how did they grow up so fast!?!

A little shock, a little excitement....

The fam - Mom and Dad were "stuck" here in Houston on the big night. But it made it a lot more exciting for me to have them here and see their reactions. I kept looking at Dad and he kind of had this dazed look, whether it was just becaues he was so calm and collected, or just trying to wrap his head around the idea of South Africa, I don't know. Mom was emotional, of course. But mostly just excited and the strong missionary mom that she is.

My brothers! They're a crazy, funny bunch and I love em.

Sooo... He's going to be serving in the South Africa Johannesburg Mission. I'm so excited for him and think it's so awesome that he has decided to serve a mission. It's especially fun to think of him serving there since that is where David's dad served his mission and where mom is from, where she learned the gospel and was baptised. Congrats Mike! Sorry we couldn't be there for the big event, but we love ya!


Jeff and Laura said...

I bet you are having so much fun with George and Caralee being there. I am glad that they were with you guys when Mikey got his call! We are excited to see you guys in November :)

Lizzy said...

Congratulations to Mikey! I still think of him as that name, maybe since I haven't seen him since he was much littler . . . really though, that is so exciting. I bet you guys are having a blast with your parents there!

Rebekah said...

Mission calls are so exciting! Congrats for your whole family! I loved how you talked about kevin and Mikey as "the little boys"...because I totally remember them as that...i cant recognize their current pictures..anyways, congrats!
love, rebekah

Laura said...

That is so exciting! Congrats!