Sunday, May 25

Welcome Jack!

My little brother Jeff and his wife Laura just (yesterday!) had a baby boy:
Jack Glen Johnson

He's so cute I wish I could be there to snuggle him and kiss those baby cheeks!!! Congratulations you two, he's beautiful! Give him lots of loves from his Auntie Sissa!

I hate not being there for events like this! I'm also missed Mikey's band's debut at The Venue (which you can also see on YouTube just search for "We Won The Science Fair"), his graduation is coming up this week, which blows my mind! What happened to you!?!?! :-) J/K But I really do miss you guys lots!


Caralee said...

How sweet of you to post Jack!!!! He is SOO cute,huh?!
We will do our best to keep you involved! We are proud of you and your sweet family, and if it makes you feel better we miss seeing all the things you, David and Trevor are doing!! We are just so blessed to be a family... no matter where we are!!!
Love ya all!

Mr. & Mrs. Peterson said...

I can't believe that Jeff is a DAD!! That is so great!
love, rebekah