Wednesday, August 10

circles circles circles

Are everywhere! These are the beginnings of a quilt I'm working on. It's really fun if you want to try, first you cut 504 circles from denim, then you cut 504 squares from material, then 504 squares from batting, then you trace 504 squares onto the denim, then you sew 504 circles to 504 squares of batting and 504 squares of material! I keep working on this in spurts, but all these circles are addicting and I like how it is shaping up.

The material I'm using is some that Sydnie sent me and was Grandma Johnson's. Plus I have pairs of jeans from our own closets and some that Barbara sent me. I think it will be so fun to see the material and think of all our family every time!


George and Caralee said...

Shut the front, the back, the side...DOOR!
They are so beautiful!!! Can't wait to see the finished blanket!
G'ma J would be so proud!

Andrea Templeman said...

Looks good! Can't wait to see the finished product!!

SarahAnne said...

Awesome! I love it!