Friday, November 7

GRAND Parents in GRAND Junction

Trevor and I spent a few fun days in Grand Junction with Grandpa and Grandma Jones. We arrived on the day that they had their boxes delivered to their new home. Trevor and I had a great time, and he had some time to warm up to them and have some fun playing with his cars and being silly with Grandpa. On the first night we were there we went to Olive Garden. Trevor was exhausted from running up and down the ramp and playing with the cars and fell asleep at the table while eating his breadsticks and spaghetti.

We helped Grandma unpack a few boxes and had fun reading lots of David's old mission letters. I wasn't as helpful as David would have have been if he was there, but I did save the day by finding the satelite reciever when the DirecTV guy was there. So, I guess we earned our keep!

On Halloween we helped hand out candy to a few trick or treaters. Trevor picked up the routine and holds out his little chubbs and says trick or treat.

I just took a couple pics for David to see the place where his parents live.

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