Wednesday, February 13

Catch up Ya'll!

Here I am again popping in for a quick update. I had once planned on a big update on all the goings on between December and February, but instead.... Fast forward to NOW!

So, the news is that David got a new job with Baylor College of Medicine. Sooooo, we're moving to Houston. We'll move out the end of this month, crash at Kim's and the Joneses' for a week or so and then make our way down there next month. Then The Hae Hae's and Straws have been kind enough to put us (and all our stuff!) up until we can find a house. Seriously, what would we do without family?! I can tell you what we wouldn't be doing - moving to Houston! :)

Anyway, I'm so excited for David. He seems really excited about his new job and we are in for a great adventure.

We will miss being so close to friends and family and David seriously might go into a depression without BYU sports close by. (Please no one bring up football with him! You don't want the poor boy to die!)

But here we go -- off to the big T!


Uncle PJ said...

Well we are happy for you guys to start a new chapter of your lives in Houston - but we will miss you here in Utah!

JustinandKitara said...

Hey guys! How are you? I've been thinking about you guys lately and wondering how you are! It's exciting that you're moving to Houston! I grew up there and I love it. What part of Houston are you going to live in? I can say so much about Houston! We'll be there in June for a couple of days to visit my family. Maybe we'll get together! :) Email me at jvkitkat(at)yahoo(dot)com and let me know how you are!