Thursday, November 22

Nov. 8-10

Trevor stands up!
Why the picture of the garbage can? This is the site of Trev’s first stand up. I didn't have the camera with me when it actually happened, so he's not standing in the picture, but I just wanted to have the event documented. David and I were standing at the sink doing dishes/making dinner and we looked over and Trevor just let go of the wall and wobbled a bit, but caught his balance. You could just see the wheels turning as his beautiful brown eyes lit up with pride and excitement for this new discovery.

It’s a slippery slope from standing to walking. Within days of standing, Trevor takes his first wobbly steps out into the world.

It’s hilarious watching him wobble over drooling and grinning all the time and fall giggling into my arms. In this video we tried like a hundred times to get him to walk for us and this was the best I could get... I just grabbed the camera mid-step and got him right at the end as he collided into me. He’s going to be quite the handful!

Ryan comes to town for the BYU game. (Trevor has not learned to like wearing hats!) And… White Thunder - the trusty Taurus - dies a horrible death! And (at the turn of a pretty penny) makes its triumphant return with a brand new, shiny transmission. The dear Taurus deserves a tribute for the years of loyal service it has given us over the past 4 ½ years. With virtually no problems it took us everywhere we needed to go. It really earned/deserved the much-needed makeover.

This little video was from Halloween. How cute is he??

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shaun said...

I can't believe Trevor is walking. Pretty soon he will be shooting hoops with his old man. Oh, and GO COUGS!